Plant Care

Air Plants

Air plants are very unique and don't require very much water and some don't require water at all!  Unlike other plants, air plants don't need soil and can't sit in water.  Too much water can make the plant soggy and limp.  To water an air plant, submerge the air plant in water. One dip should be enough. Shake the remaining water off the air plant and it should be good to go.  Depending on the moisture already present in your environment, watering should be done once weekly or biweekly.  If you miss a watering, it's okay because air plants absorb the moisture from the atmosphere.

Filtered light, artificial light, or indirect sunlight is best for air plants to thrive.

*Great for individuals with little to no plant care experience.*


Low Light Plants

Low light plants need consistent watering and should be watered about 3 ounces once or twice a week.  Direct sunlight is not good for low light plants.  Artificial lighting, indirect sunlight, or filtered light is best to help low light plants thrive.


 High Light Plants 

High light plants require lots of sunlight, but at the bare minimum, at least 2 hours of sunlight daily.  Watering should be once weekly with 1.5-2 ounces of water each time.  Soil should never become soggy.


Closed Terrarium


Closed terrariums are cyclic. The closed system should condensate and evaporate consistently.  The system should not become so foggy that the plants inside are not visible.  If this occurs, remove the lid for a few hours and replace once the fogginess has disappeared.  If the closed system appears dry and there has been no condensation for several weeks, about 1 ounce of water should be added.

Closed terrariums thrive on filtered, indirect sunlight or artificial sunlight.  Direct sunlight is not necessary.