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The Beret is the Fashion Chameleon


Fashion styles come and go and what’s in one year is outdated the next.  Fashion runway shows, celebrities, and social media set the tone for what’s popular and what’s not.  This year, the beret is one of the “it” fashions to have in your possession. People from all walks of life (men, women, young and old) have been seen sporting the beret. Why? Because berets are chic, timeless, and can be dressed up or down. The beret is a true fashion chameleon.


A beret is a soft, rounded, flat-crowned hat, originated in Europe during the 17 century and migrated to the United States around the 1920s. Initially used as military hats, mass commercial production began to distribute the hats as fashion pieces. Most commonly made of a sturdy wool felt, the beret is now made out of a variety of materials, with one popular material being leather.  To add a dash of oomph, these timeless hats may be decorated with stones, feathers, pins, and other decorative pieces.

Though the beret has never really gone out of style, the resurgence of the hat has come back with a vengeance. Are you trying to add flair to a simple outfit? Don a beret and watch the compliments come rolling in.




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