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Black Lightning’s Back

The DC Comic, Black Lighting has been made into a television series airing on The CW Network. The series first episode aired January 15, 2018. Black Lightning, Jefferson Pierce, was born with superhuman powers that allow him to manipulate and generate electricity. Black Lightning is the first African American superhero in the DC Comics franchise.

Black Lightning passes down his superhuman powers to his two daughters, Annisa and Jennifer. Annisa, known as Thunder, can change density and create shockwaves by stomping her foot on the ground. The mesh of density and shockwaves leaves Annisa nearly indestructible. Jennifer, known as Lightning, powers are identical to her father.

Photo: CW Black Lightning Instagram

The series begins with Black Lightning working as a principal of a local high school in Freeland. Because of the strain on his family, particularly his wife, Black Lightning retired his superhero activities for almost a decade and works to clean up the city he loves in a more diplomatic approach. However, since his retirement, the city of Freeland has become more corrupt and crime is destroying the very lives of the students he pledged his life to serve. Black Lightning enters back into the superhero world when his daughters are kidnapped by a local gang.

Will the people of Freeland be ridden of the local gang? When will his daughters realize their father is a superhero? When will his daughters realize they too have superhuman powers? The only thing left to do is tune in and watch because Black Lightning is back!


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