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6 Trending Searches According to Pinterest

2018 is well on its way and the Pinterest searches are in full swing. According to Pinterest, the top searches recently include spring outfits, healthy recipes, modern farmhouse, baby shower ideas for boys, healthy breakfast, and bathroom decor.

Spring Outfits

Spring Outfit
Photo: Pinterest

Let’s face it. A new season is an excuse to shop. And we all need an extra excuse or two to splurge on some hot threads. Besides, who wants to don last year’s spring fashion if you don’t have to? Give in to the urge…… the shopping racks are calling.

Healthy Recipes

Photo: Pinterest

One thing is for sure, people like to talk about health and fitness. Health is precious and eating healthy is one way to protect your health. Even those people who don’t eat healthily sometimes like to pin healthy recipes. You know, just in case, one day they get the urge to cook a healthy meal, not having a recipe won’t be an excuse.

Modern Farmhouse

Photo: Pinterest

HGTV and shows like Fixer Upper have certainly made the modern farmhouse popular. A modern farmhouse is warm and inviting, with a sleek and sophisticated touch. The best of both worlds.  It is a win-win situation for homeowners and soon to be homeowners who want to recreate a look that wows their friends and is comfortable for their families.

Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

Photo: Pinterest

From gender reveal parties, to a jungle themed shower games, and firetruck themed baby rooms, the world is getting ready to embrace more little princes because baby shower ideas for boys is trending. Are you ready?

Healthy Breakfast

Photo: Pinterest

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. Start it off by eating healthy. But before you prepare a healthy breakfast, a quick Pinterest search is needed to find a suitable recipe. It’s the “proper” way to eat breakfast in the morning.

Bathroom Decor

Photo: Pinterest

Bathrooms can become dated quickly because bathroom trends are constantly changing. With bathrooms being one of the most utilized rooms in a house, naturally, the homeowner or renter will want to make it look appealing. Simple fixes such as changing the shower curtain and rugs can bring a sparkle to a previously drab space.


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