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The Workday Blues? Here’s How to Get Over the Hump.

When you think about your job do you groan and moan at the thought of clocking in another day just to do the mundane tasks of the day before? Do you silently pray on the way to work to ask for guidance to get you through another day? Does the thought of the weekend ending send your blood pressure up and you panic because the Monday countdown is getting uncomfortably close? If you answered yes to any or all of the questions, you just might hate your job. BUT…. what do you do about it? Do you stay at your current job and learn how to deal with the atmosphere, or do you take the leap and find a new job that satisfies your soul?

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Eliminate the Negatives

First, jot down what you do and do not like about your job. Read over the positives and negatives surrounding your job. Do the positives outweigh the negatives? If the positives do outweigh the negatives, try honing in on what the negatives truly are and make a plan to make those negatives disappear. Do you need to address a coworker that you feel has been overstepping their boundaries? Do you believe your boss doesn’t appreciate you or would you like more responsibilities at work? Do you need change your work schedule/shift?  Whatever those negatives may be, it is time to sit down and make a plan to get yourself out of the work blues.

Take a Vacation

Sometimes a vacation is all you need to reset your body and mind. Even if funds are low, a staycation can be beneficial to your wellbeing. Stay at home, prop your feet up, binge watch the shows you’ve been meaning to catch and get some much-needed rest to recharge your body, mind, and soul. You’ll be surprised what a few days off will do for your overall psyche.

Focus on the Positive

If you know you can’t switch jobs at the moment, make the best of your current situation. At times, life is stressful and most people don’t need any added stressors. Think about your job on the brighter side of things. Are you able to pay your bills on time? Are you currently working in your desired field? If so, applaud those victories. Speak positive affirmations that you have a job that provides for you and/or your family. Commit to seeing all the positive attributes your job has to offer. Does your job provide good benefits?  Is the food in the cafeteria exceptionally delicious?  Is the scenery outside of your office beautifully landscaped? If that doesn’t seem like enough, contact a professional that can better help you decode the feelings of resentment you have towards your job.

Find A New Job

Take the plunge and find a new job. Speak with a career counselor to help you decide exactly what you’re looking for in a job. Travel back to your childhood…what did you want to be most at that age? What sidetracked you off your career course? Do you have desires to become an entrepreneur? Or do you desire to go back to school to get additional training? Entering into new territory can be scary, but a change of job atmosphere may prove to be exactly what you need. Find the job that speaks to your heart and makes you excited to go to work every day.


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