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No Green Thumb? No Worries. Here’s Why.

Did you know there are plants that can live and thrive without soil? Yes, you read that right, no soil necessary. What plants are those might you ask? Air Plants. Think your thumb isn’t green enough and you don’t have the skill to take care of any plants? You might want to keep reading.

Air plants or the scientific name, Tillandsia, is an epiphyte, an organism that receives its nutrients and moisture from the air, rain, or debris from surrounding surfaces. Being able to attach to surfaces, such as rocks, tree branches, etc. give air plants a tough and resilient reputation. Typically, air plants are known to grow naturally in the southern United States and throughout South America.

Photo is courtesy of gardenclub.homedepot.com

When trying to figure out the perfect plants to decorate your home, one might consider an air plant because not much care is needed as with other plants. Air plants only need to be watered, once a week, and some plants can go two weeks without water. The most important factor in keeping air plants beautiful and healthy is good air circulation. The air can’t be too dry, and this may pose a slight problem in the winter months when the heat in your home is constantly pumping. Don’t fret, just simply spray them with water if you notice the plants are looking dry or brittle.

Depending on the type of air plant you decided to purchase, many thrive in the bright, sunny areas of a home. Other air plants may fair well in the bathroom, where the mist from the shower will serve as moisture. Colder temperatures will cause air plants to wilt and die.  As a newly air plant owner, it will be up to you to monitor the condition of your air plant to determine if your plant is happy in its new environment.

Use air plants as decorative pieces throughout out your home and also in terrariums. The possibilities are endless.


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