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The Future is Upon Us

Waymo is a progressive technology company that is producing self-driving vehicles. The company began at Google, and officially become what is known today as Waymo, in 2016. Waymo wants to create a driving experience that frees people from distractions and introduces a safe driving atmosphere. The vehicles are equipped with sensors and software that detects pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, and road work up to a distance that spans two football fields, in all directions. The software is capable of predicting the behavior of the objects around to make swift changes to ensure the safety of all involved. The self-driven vehicles have been tested in Mountain View, CA; Austin, TX; Kirkland, WA; and Metro Phoenix, AZ. So far, at least 4 million self-driven miles have been successfully completed.

There is a public trial occurring in Phoenix, Arizona that will allow people to experience the self-driven vehicles in the form of a taxi service. The early riders will give feedback to the Waymo team to help improve upon the self-driving experience. To become an early rider, you can apply on Waymo’s website. The future of self-driving awaits you.


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