Say my name? Wait? Did it change?


Celebrities are known to switch the game up from time to time. They wouldn’t be popular if they didn’t. And yes sometimes, the switch up comes in the form of a name change. Remember when Prince changed his name to a symbol, and we referred to him as The Artist formerly known as Prince? Prince wanted more control over his music and was at odds with his record label at the time. And then there was Puff Daddy to Puffy, to P. Diddy, to Brother Love (sometimes), but people still call him Diddy…. well you get the point. A name for a celebrity is a statement of where you are in life currently. The newest celebrity to do a name switch up is Young Thug. The reasons behind his name change is a mystery.  He posted on Twitter last night, “From now on call me SEX”. So there you have it. No longer Young Thug, only SEX.




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