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On The Scene (Web Series)

Times have changed and up and coming directors, actors, and writers no longer have to wait for the big name companies to give the okay before creative pieces can be displayed to the world. Web series are popping up all over the place, and I stumbled across one on YouTube. On The Scene centers around Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and is loosely based on the novel, On the Scene, by author Nicole Jocleen. The web series, also written by Nicole Jocleen, spotlights a group of friends, considered the socialites of their area. They know the hottest and latest happenings in the city and make it their business to be on the scene. However, trying to balance life and friendships sometimes come at a cost, and the socialites find themselves in some messy situations.

The synopsis on the author’s webpage explains the series in further detail. “Party promoter Lewis Davis and club owner Dame run this city’s nightlife…. until now…  TERA, TRACEY, AND MELANIE have been friends since their teens. Now in their mid-twenties, they spend countless weekends pouring their energy into maintaining their VIP status at all the major parties. But when Melanie decides she wants to be known as more than just a ‘party girl’ their friendship is tested. With a reputation bigger than them and too many haters to count, it’s a constant struggle to stay at the top. Look past the gossip and see what it’s like firsthand to be on the scene. Step into their world. Live it. Then judge.”

The first episode aired in 2015, and today, On The Scene, directed by Jay Rid, has completed 4 seasons and is in the process of filming season 5.


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