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Horror on the Open Seas

Vacation is supposed to be super relaxing and a state of euphoria, however, some passengers on a Carnival Legend Cruise ship found nothing of the sort. On what was supposed to be a calm 10-day South Pacific cruise, a fight broke out around 1 am on Friday morning. It appears both passengers and crew members were involved in an altercation. At least 30 individuals, both men, and women were involved in the incident that caused chaos and pandemonium. Per the video below, the crew members seemed to spend as much time trying to stop passengers from recording the altercation as they were trying to stop the fight. Officials removed 23 passengers from the boat. The family is said to have caused other incidents on the 10-day cruise prior to the big brawl that occurred early Friday morning. This is the second time in a week such an altercation has occurred on a cruise ship. The cruise has now been coined the “Cruise from Hell” by many passengers aboard the Carnival Legend Cruise ship.

Are cruises still safe? What would you do if in this situation?  Being out to sea and getting attacked doesn’t seem like quite the combo.


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