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First African American FedEx Pilot​

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Earlier this month, Fed Ex announced that it has hired it’s first African American female pilot, Tahirah Lamont Brown. In a field dominated by men, this is quite the accomplishment. Tahirah worked two jobs to pay for college and flight training. She was also assisted by her family in helping to pay for her schooling. Tahirah later joined the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals, which help point her in the right direction for resources to further her education. She’s been an active member of the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals since 1992. In September 2017, Tahirah became a Line Check Airman, a dual role of an instructor and an evaluator. She gives a message to young people that can be translated to all people. “I also tell young people to not allow negative attitudes to affect you. This has been true for me. We can be our biggest barriers at times. We have to overcome our own personal barriers to achieve our goals.”


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